Stockholm residents become DHL drivers in new scheme

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DHL has introduced its new MyWays service to Stockholm, which aims to connect consumers in need of flexible deliveries with individuals offering to transport parcels along their daily routes.

Using a specifically-developed mobile app, recipients of goods will now be able to connect with deliverers as soon as a package arrives at one of DHL’s collection points in the city.

After ordering a product online, the recipient will be able to specify the time and location for the delivery, as well as the small fee that will be given to the deliverer.

MyWays users will then see all registered packages online, and can pick and choose which ones they wish to deliver.

“So far, the deliveries have mainly been handled by students and the reactions have been positive, said chief executive officer of DHL Freight Sweden, Peter Hesslin.

“Many people felt that the concept was exciting and the fact that packages are delivered by private individuals along their daily routes is also beneficial to the environment.”

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