MAN unveils €1.6 billion Euro 6 investment

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MAN Truck & Bus UK has invested €1.6 billion (£1.3 billion) on its upcoming Euro 6 technology, which chief executive officer Des Evans says is a breath of fresh air for the industry.

Coming into force from January 2014, Euro 6 legislation is design to reduce both particle and nitrogen oxide emissions, by 66 per cent and 80 per cent respectively, compared to the current Euro 5 standard.

To meet the new regulations, manufacturers will have to adopt technologies including selective catalytic reduction (SCR), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and a diesel particulate filter.

MAN has introduced this new technology to its TGL, TGM, TGS, and TGX models, along which it has launched the press campaign “Euro 6 Ready”.

Evans said the company’s Euro 6 campaign will focus on what it believes are the three key areas of Euro 6: cost of acquisition, cost of maintenance, and cost of operation.

[asset_ref id=”2092″]MAN’s new Euro 6 TGX

On a 60-month contract hire, the MAN TGL 7.5t will cost £42,900 capital cost, or £235 per week, the MAN TGL 12t, £48,900 capital cost, or £267 per week, the MAN TGM, £59,500 capital cost, or £299 per week,  and the MAN TGX, £79,000, or £393 per week.

“Euro 6 is a real perfect storm, and you need to manage it properly,” said Evans, before announcing that the cost of maintenance of each of MAN’s Euro 6 models will see a zero per cent increase, remaining the price of maintenance on its current Euro 5 range.

The company has used its Euro 5 fuel figures as a benchmark for Euro 6, which are currently at an average of 16.47mpg for the MAN TGL model, 13.19mpg for the MAN TGM, and 9.62mpg for its TGX model.

It said the average fuel improvements of MAN Euro 6 performance, are between three and five per cent, depending on operation, compared to the current Euro 5 performance.

Evans also said MAN is confident its repair and maintenance costs will not change during the transition. will be launched at the beginning of October, to support all MAN’s customers throughout the Euro 6 transaction process.

* Dawsonrentals truck and trailer operation has become the first company to order MAN’s Euro 6 trucks, having placed an order for an initial 100 TGX tractors for its rental fleet.

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