Operators can have more longer trailers, says DfT

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The Department for Transport is changing the allocation process for longer semi-trailers to enable operators to make use of the 1,250 allocations that remain unused.

Under the initial plan for the ten year trial of longer semi-trailers, operators could bid for a share of 1,800 allocations.

While 1,250 allocations have not been taken up, some operators have been arguing that they could make use of more vehicles than they were originally allocated.

Bibby for example was allocated 25 vehicle, but said in June that it could make use of another 25.

Andy Mair, head of engineering at the Freight Transport Association said: “FTA is a supporter of the use of longer semi-trailers, as there are significant environmental and efficiency benefits on offer from deploying these vehicles. But FTA has always stated that it is not a vehicle for all sectors and will only be viable on journeys where the goods carried are high volume, low weight as vehicle fill can be improved.

“The revised re-allocation process will allow those operators who can put these trailers into use on work for which they are suitable, to obtain permits in a more timely manner than waiting for unused allocations to be made available.”

The cut-off date for allocations is 31st December.

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