Royal Mail consults on change in small parcels format

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Royal Mail is considering a proposed change to its parcels format, which would see more than 80 per cent of parcels delivered by the company classed as “Small Parcels”.

If introduced, the change would apply to consumers, small non-contract businesses, and franking customers.

It is consulting on a proposal is to extend the dimensions of Royal Mail’s current Small Parcels, up to 350 x 250 by 160mm.

It was brought up following customer feedback, and discussion with the company’s stakeholders, which include eBay, who pointed out that goods such as clothing and small electrical equipment have dimensions that generally surpass Royal Mail’s current Small Parcel format.

“The postal market is changing with the UK parcels market continuing to grow as consumers increasingly shop and sell online, said managing director of Royal Mail Parcels, Nick Landon.

“Royal Mail is responding to these trends by updating its parcel services. We will consider further updates if customer feedback in the future indicates we should.”

The consultation will conclude on October 1

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