Norwegian firm unveils cargo ship that uses large hull as a sail

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Norwegian firm Lade AS has unveiled its new cargo ship, The Vindskip, which the company says generates a 60 per cent reduction in fuel savings and an 80 per cent reduction in fuel emissions, by using its hull as a sail.

Lade said that compared to a pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) ship type, which carries 5,689 ceu, Vindskip can carry 7,420 ceu.

Inspired by the aerospace industry and the sailboat environment, the ship is designed to use wind for propulsion, with its unique shaped hull.

[asset_ref id=”2106″]The Vindskip

“Sustainable sea transport is dependent of the development of a new technology that can use the renewable resources on the sea,” said a Lade AS spokesperson.

“With the wind now being predictable thanks to modern meteorology, a computer programme can calculate the best possible route, taking advantage of the available wind energy. This makes it easy for the captain of Vindskip, selecting the best course to propel the ship.”

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