Logistics Manager, October 2013

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Cover Story
If you can’t see it, how do you manage it? There are lots of computers and lots of data in most supply chains – but often there are also lots of gaps in that data. We look at moves to improve both visibility and control in the supply chain.

Show Special
Portcentric logistics: Swapping the south for the north is proving highly profitable in supply chain terms.

Port to Shelf: Doncaster will see the first Port to Shelf event which is set to become a regular fixture in the exhibition calendar.

Logistics Link North: The best place to find the latest innovations in warehouse management and automation, packaging, materials handling and RFID and mobile technologies.

Retail Automation
Retailers are increasingly looking to automation to serve multiple channels.

Drinks giant Diageo has been refocusing its supply chain to enable it to take advantage of rapid growth local markets.

Forklifts: Keep the assets sweating
Keeping materials handling equipment running is a universal concern.

Property: East Midlands
Rents have hardened, incentives are reducing and lease lengths are increasing in the East Midlands. Good deals are getting hard to find.


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