Ceva joins Tower to launch new container for pharmaceutical goods

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Ceva Logistics has teamed up with Tower Cold Chain Solutions, to launch a new service for shipping temperature sensitive pharmaceutical goods at a consistent temperature, the KryoTrans KTM modular pallet shipper.

Ceva said the container is capable of being used at -20, 2-8 and 15-25 degrees Centigrade using phase-change materials, and at temperatures from -20 to -60 degrees Centigrade using dry ice.

Available in 12 different sizes, the company also said the KTM can maintain any temperature for up to six days.

“The partnership between us and Tower facilitates the implementation of well planned, secure and compliant cold chain logistics to enable our customers to reach patients worldwide through Ceva’s network of healthcare facilities across the globe,” said Ceva’s president, Europe, Leigh Pomlett.

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