Retailers and carriers join forces to beat thieves

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John Lewis, Wilkinsons, Next, Hermes, Yodel, Argos, and Superdrug are just some of the big names in retail logistics that have founded The Logistics and Supply Chain Loss Prevention Forum to minimise multi-million pound losses in the supply chain.

The group’s agenda is to address shrinkage, exploring best practice around staff and courier vetting, warehouse security, stock tracking, engagement with law enforcement and freight and supply chain service providers as part of a common fraud-fighting strategy.

“As individual businesses we do not have the resources and influence that a body of like-minded companies with a common goal has, but as a dedicated Forum we have the potential to make a difference not only to our own shrink but also collectively across the sector,” said Graham Swallow of Wilkinsons, who was elected chair of the forum.

The group was put together by ORIS forums which reckons some £4 billion is lost in shrinkage in the UK retail industry through shoplifting and internal theft, but that shrinkage is unknown for the physical supply chain feeding the stores and on-line delivery.

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