Yale launches new reach truck range

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Yale has launched a redesigned MR reach truck with the promise of improved productivity and lower cost of ownership.

The truck will initially be available in 1.4, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.5 tonne load capacities. With increasing lift heights being specified by 3PL companies and warehouse operators, the 2.5 tonne model has been designed to lift a 1.0 tonne load to a height of 12.5 metres.

It has a new chassis, new mast design, new operator compartment and new control systems. If offers a maximum travel speed of 14km/h and lift speed of 0.8m/sec.

The mast has been designed to give improved performance as loads are raised while reducing mast deflection to a minimum. This allows smaller capacity trucks to be used for lift heights that would previously have required larger and more expensive models.

The truck comes in three frame sizes and four different chassis types to suit standard, compact and drive-in operations.

There is an optional touch screen display, which provides the operator with information on the truck’s status from battery charge and direction of truck movement to mast position and load weight, and allows tailoring of the truck’s operational performance characteristics. The standard display module with LCD screen, carried over from Yale’s electric counterbalanced truck range, also provides truck status information and performance mode selection.

Energy Low (eLo) and High Performance (HiP) settings, personal and application operating parameters can be pre-set for every operator and application through the standard or touch screen display.

Visibility from the operator’s seat has been enhanced, with the MR’s mast channels not only helping to increase residual capacities but providing better line of sight than ever before, both forwards and when looking up through the overhead guard.

For work with loads at heights of over four metres there is an optional laser positioning system. A red laser shines onto the racking face to clearly indicate fork height and position, which helps cut the time taken to place and retrieve pallets and reduces the risk of damage to racking, loads, pallets and forks.

Warehouse product strategy leader Robert O’Donoghue said: “This truck’s high levels of performance, sector-leading ergonomics and low lifetime costs will help Yale customers achieve increased productivity while reducing their fleet size, lowering their energy consumption, achieving a faster return on investment and boosting their profitability.”

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