Air cargo industry must work towards common goals, says IATA

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The International Air Transport Association has called on its members within the air cargo value chain to focus on common goals, after a continuous fall in air cargo yields, revenues and market shares.

The association said the industry should now work towards improved quality, increased efficiency through e-AWB and e-freight, and better security.

World trade has grown by 12 per cent since 2010, but air cargo demand growth has only increased by two per cent in that time frame. IATA said putting these common goals in place will improve the industry’s competitiveness.

“Air cargo is being buffeted by forces for change, such as changes in the economics of just-in-time manufacturing, longer delivery lead times, innovation by alternative modes of transport, and environmental pressures,” said director general and chief executive officer at IATA, Tony Tyler.

“In the face of these challenges, air cargo needs to work together as an industry to improve competitiveness and protect its value proposition.

“If we are to return the business to growth, the industry must collectively embrace an agenda for enhanced quality, efficiency and security.”

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