Logisticians make the best colleagues

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Graduates working in logistics and transport are the most satisfied with their colleagues, a survey by a job review site has revealed.

Anonymous job review site TheJobCrowd.com asked over 4,000 graduates in their first three years of employment to score their company on a range of criteria including training, career progression, responsibility levels, work-life balance and benefits.

The industry topped the list for satisfaction with their colleagues and also scored very highly for work/life balance and enjoyment.

Keren Mitchell, co-founder of TheJobCrowd.com, said: “The industry was among the highest rated when it came to day to day satisfaction with their working life, having been rated by their graduate employees very highly for work/life balance, enjoyment and especially colleagues. There has been tonnes of research showing the importance of working alongside good people so it is great for the industry that graduates rate their co-workers so highly.”

And co-founder Natasha Freeman, said she hoped the information would encourage more graduates to consider a career transport, logistics and distribution.

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