Red Cross takes on AIDC asset management

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British Red Cross has teamed up with its technology partners AIDC Solutions and TransitionWorks, to introduce a new system to improve the management of some 5,000 Red Cross assets.

Assets include the laptop computers, satellite phones, GPS locators, surveying equipment, and vehicles used in multiple humanitarian aid projects around the world.

The new system is being piloted at the Red Cross International warehouse in Bristol, which is used for the storage of the organisation’s logistics and mass sanitation Emergency Response Units’ equipment.

Under the trial, items such as forklift trucks, construction equipment, and generators will be fitted with a RFID tag, which holds information such as details of user, programme, and location.

All data recorded on the tags can be scanned using a handheld device and then sent via the internet to any British Red Cross server in the UK.

“This asset management solution is the first system of its kind to be developed for the humanitarian response environment, and we are pleased to see our supply chain asset tracking knowledge being used in this way,” said operations director at AIDC Solutions, David Myers.

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