Rhys Davies completes re-brand

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Rhys Davies Freight Logistics has been renamed Rhys Davies Logistics, as part of the launch of its new brand image.

The re-brand comes as a result of research carried out by branding agency Stills. The study examined Rhys Davies previous image and how it compared with the realities of the business, and its breadth of services.

The company’s new livery of red, purple, green, yellow, orange and blue trailers includes slogans, such as: “Challenge us, we can take it”, “It’s not a problem”, and “You only have to ask”.

Rhys Davies has also invested in 20 additional trailers, and eight tractor units, as part of the re-brand, with a further 15 rigids on order.

[asset_ref id=”2152″]Rhys Davies’ new livery

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