Institute backs HS2

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The Chartered Institute for Transport and Logistics believes that building a new high speed North-South Line for rail would deliver great benefit to the UK’s economic growth.

However, it said more work should be done to demonstrate the integration of freight benefits and how they will be maximised.

Entitled “The Case for HS2”, the report was developed by the institute’s Strategic Rail Policy Group.

It argues that the new line should be built for four key reasons; capacity, growth, cost certainty, and a lack of viable alternatives.

“Against a febrile debate with claim and counter-claim about HS2, the institute has taken a calm and considered view of its merits and weighed up the alternatives,” said chief executive officer, Steve Agg.

“On every measure, we judge the economic, social, demographic, commercial and environmental arguments for the line to be sound and secure. We have no doubt that it will deliver handsomely for the UK.”

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