Know your limits, says Hermes to online shopping revellers

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One in five online shoppers have admitted to purchasing items when they have had too much to drink, and regretted it afterwards, according to Hermes’ latest research.

Hermes’ International Online Shopping Survey 2013 questioned a total of 2,000 consumers, 1,000 from the UK, and 1,000 from both Germany and Russia.

The company said the survey might suggest online shoppers aren’t always honest when returning unwanted items.

It revealed that clothes were the main item purchased under the influence in all three countries, with sex aids coming second in the UK.

The purchase of sex aids came fourth and sixth in Germany and Russia, respectively, with revellers there preferring computer equipment, phones, jewellery and books.

The study also showed that for online shoppers returning from a night out, overpaying for an item is the most commonly made mistake.

Other common errors include ordering the wrong quantity or size, and buying impractical items.

“It is important for people to be careful when shopping online after a few drinks,” said sales and marketing director at Hermes, Gary Winter.

“Our couriers have reported back countless times that they handed over parcels to customers who have completely forgotten that they have ordered anything.

“Maybe it’s time for retailers to add the option ‘bought when drunk’ to their return forms!”

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