Asda win for UK storage firm

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Asda Logistics chose BITO Storage Systems, to install a Smart Slide shelving at the company’s clothing depot in Lymedale, Staffordshire.
The deal will support the e-commerce operation of Asda-owned clothing retailer, and is estimated to provide a 30 per cent saving on floor space.
The shelving system combines fixed shelving at the rear and a slideable shelving at the front, to give pickers access to the full width of each bay at the rear.
BITO says it presents a number of products at the pick face within the minimum possible footprint, and combines both slow and fast moving products, to offer the flexibility to change pick slot size when required.
“Our e-commerce operation needs a large number of pick spaces to hold the broad range of SKUs that we offer,” said operations manager at, Richard Wood.
“We were challenged by the limited amount of space that we could allocate to the storage yet we wanted to give our picking colleagues the maximum amount of locations that we could get in front of them.”
BITO has also provided an accompanying picking trolley, to ensure that all of George’s pickers can easily access the top shelf, and 36 packaging desks, at the site.
“The desks have been designed to be as ergonomically efficient as possible for colleagues when working – everything is right in front of them and easily accessible,” added Wood.

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