Online shopping boosts transport employment

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Online shopping is driving growth in transport employment with a growth outlook for the last quarter of 2013 at +7 per cent, compared to +2 per cent in the previous year, according to Manpower.
The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey also found that transport sector hiring intentions are above the national average of +5 per cent growth for the first three months of 2014.
It also revealed skills gaps are still making it difficult to recruit category 1 and 2 drivers, and roles requiring specialist licences, such as lorry loader and ADR certificates.
“We’re seeing demand for drivers and other logistic roles across all transport subsectors, and employers are cautiously optimistic that 2014 will be an improved year for jobs in the sector,” said Simon Edwards, sector director – logistics.
“The growth in online shopping is one of the key drivers of the sector’s optimism, with category B and 7.5 tonne drivers increasingly sought after.
“As well as providing more jobs, the growth in home deliveries offers increased flexibility for Cat B workers in the sector. Often dubbed lifestyle couriers, these drivers deliver internet orders to customers’ homes using their own cars or small vans, and flex their work to suit their lifestyles,” said Edwards.
But overall the jobs market still puts employers at an advantage.
Managing director of Manpower UK, Mark Cahill said: “Continued pressure on pay, underemployment and a lack of the necessary skills among candidates means it’s still an employer’s market and employees are yet to feel the effects of the economic recovery in their pockets. These issues don’t look like they will ease up much in the near future.”
Manufacturing has also grown from +3 per cent last quarter to +6 per cent this time round, its strongest outlook in more than two years.

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