Bell issues drink and drug warning ahead of festivities

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Drink and drug driving risks should be an urgent priority for every operator licence holder, according to the senior traffic commissioner for Great Britain, Beverley Bell.
Bell has issued a reminder to licence holders, about the importance of managing the risk around drink and drug driving, warning HGV, bus, and coach drivers about the standard they must uphold to ensure they are fit to hold vocational driving entitlements.
She said it is critical to have an occupational road risk policy in place within a company, to make procedures clear to all employees.
“Traffic commissioners are clear about the professional standards we expect to see from HGV, bus and coach drivers ¬ it is not appropriate for any driver to be under the influence of drink or drugs while operating a commercial vehicle,” she said.
“It is absolutely critical for licence holders to ensure that drivers are aware of the professional standards and the operator’s policy.”
Bell also said that any driver who is reported for drink or drug driving will put their vocational driving licence at risk, because traffic commissioners have the power the suspend, revoke, and disqualify professional drivers.
“Drivers need to be aware that this is not limited to the court’s power of disqualification,” she added.
“When a professional driver is disqualified by a court, they have to reapply for their vocational licence if they want to drive professionally again, and this is considered by their local traffic commissioner.”

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