Logistics strategies under scrutiny at Port to Shelf

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The UK is seeing an unprecedented level of investment in port infrastructure reflecting the shift from local manufacturing to offshoring.

The Port to Shelf Summit, chaired by Dr Andrew Traill of Green Freight Europe,  will examine the impact of these changes on logistics strategies.

It will consider the benefits and the drawbacks of portcentric logistics models as well as the opportunities for near-porting.

Some major retailers have taken the opportunity to locate facilities either in, or close to, ports, but are the opportunities for smaller organisations to benefit. And can a regional port strategy enable greater streamlining of existing DCs and shed capacity?
The  conference will also look at the role of rail freight. This has been growing, but is the capacity available to support continued expansion of logistics operations nationally?

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The Port to Shelf Summit takes place on Tuesday 11th February at Sandown Park, Esher.

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