BIFA backs airport expansion proposal

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The British International Freight Association has backed the Airports Commission’s proposal to push ahead with runway expansions at Heathrow and Gatwick.

The proposal was put forward during the commission’s recent interim report on airport capacity in the UK.

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It concluded that there is a need for one net additional runway in the UK by 2030, identifying two options at Heathrow and one at Gatwick to go forward for further study.

The report also discussed the idea of opening a new hub elsewhere.

BIFA now hopes that the proposal will move things forward in regard to getting started on an expansion of UK aviation hub capacity.

The association’s director general, Peter Quantrill, said: “In the lead up to the final report in the summer of 2015, we will continue to submit our thoughts to the commission, relative to the constraints imposed by capacity limitations, UK global connectivity, the importance of air freight and the key facilitative role played by the freight forwarder.

“We can only hope that after the general election in May 2015, the welter of evidence as presented will be such that politicians will give the green light and adopt these recommendations in full.

“We trust that this report will finally lead to some action.”

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