Parking fine profits are tax on business

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The £594 million in profits generated by parking fines last year have been called a tax on business by the Freight Transport Association.

A report by the RAC Foundation found that profits from parking fines rose five per cent  from £565m in 2011-12.

The FTA pointed out that this money is raised by fining delivery companies who are trying to supply the goods that towns and cities need to keep functioning, as well as the private motorist.

Head of urban logistics Christopher Snelling said: “This isn’t just about parking – it also comes from loading and unloading. Many of our members are incorrectly fined as authorities are too eager to judge that they are parked when in fact they are in the legitimate process of delivering to local businesses. Many fines are also issued incorrectly when we had every right to be delivering in that location. These fines amount to a stealth tax on local businesses in these areas.”


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