Mitsubishi streamlines with GXS

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Mitsubishi Motors manufactures automobiles in multiple countries, and its products and spare parts are sold in more than 170 countries throughout the world.

The firm exchanges a massive amount of transaction-based information daily between its offices in Japan and abroad, as well as with a significant number of partner companies around the world. So it needed a partner to support its global B2B e-commerce operations.

Mitsubishi had been developing proprietary software and middleware for each trading partner in house, but needed more resources as more customers joined the network. So it opted for GXS Managed Services.

The manufacturer can now easily integrate external trading partners, initially for transactions in Germany and France.

The on-demand IT frees Mitsubishi’s internal resources to focus on its core business. Mitsubishi has also reduced its B2B operational costs while boosting B2B e-commerce capabilities, with stronger links with European suppliers without making additional investments in headcount or software.

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