DHL tackles disruption with Resilience360

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DHL has launched a new risk management solution, DHL Resilience360, which it reckons can enable businesses to deal with global, environmental, and socio-political volatility, by providing them with an end-to-end view of their supply chains and real-time risk visibility.

DHL Resilience360 aims to redirect resources and adopt alternative strategies when a disruption occurs, supporting financial stability at the same time.

It has been designed on what DHL calls the four critical aspects of supply chain risk; operations, hazards, socio-political, and natural disaster risks.

“We understand that supply chains are the lifeblood of our customers’ businesses and create solutions like DHL Resilience360 to help them meet today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s.” said chief commercial officer Bill Meahl.

“You can’t eliminate risks or prevent them from happening, but you can manage them to help minimise the negative impact on your business.

“With the right tools, you can even capitalise on disruptions and disasters by having the correct measures in place torespond quickly and effectively when competitors can’t.”

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