Fuel costs must be addressed, urge Pall-Ex members

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Fuel costs must be prioritised in 2014, according to a survey of Pall-Ex members.

The results showed that every response but one highlighted fuel costs as the first area respondents would like to see addressed this year.

They also revealed that businesses do no believe the government does enough to support the logistics industry, and undervalues its role in the economy.

“Transport is the foundation of a strong infrastructure. Whether personal journeys or commercial haulage, road transport leads to more money spent elsewhere in the economy,” said chief executive officer of Pall-Ex, Hilary Devey.

“If the costs of products and services are reduced as a result of cheaper transport, the economic benefits are enhanced.

“Meanwhile, if those transport businesses that are in a tight spot now were given a break by way of a reduction in fuel costs, then their survival and the employment of their workers is good news for both the national and regional economies, and the logistics sector as a whole. So why must we all pay such extortionate amounts?”

Pall-Ex said the rising cost of fuel is an unnecessary strangulation on the growth of both the industry and the economy.

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