New to Sandown Park: Port to Shelf

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Port to Shelf is the new exhibition co-located with Logistics Link South on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th February 2014 at Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, UK, and is designed to help you cut through the noise and understand the best options for your organisation. It is designed for directors, heads and managers of distribution, supply chain, operations, logistics, transport, shipping. Visitors will be able to discuss options face-to-face with a range of key suppliers in this area who will be exhibiting at this important event.

Tuesday, 11th February 2014: 9.30 – 16.00
Wednesday, 12th February 2014: 9.30 – 15.30

Venue: Sandown Park, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ.

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K Hartwall
K Hartwall will be exhibiting its adapter pallet solution at Logistics Link South. The new adapter pallet and dolly solution is helping companies to simplify their complex supply chains and eliminate significant waste and manual handling risk. Whether automotive, aerospace or general engineering – moving components from supplier to point of assembly can be seamlessly integrated and simplified with the K Hartwall adapter pallet and dolly solution. K Hartwall promotes the use of innovative, convenient and attractive Returnable Goods Carriers that add value through minimising total logistics cost, environmental impact and health & safety risks in the supply chain as well as increasing our Customers’ revenues.

Global brand of materials handling equipment, Hyster, part of NACCO,   offers more than 140 models of counterbalance trucks, warehouse and container handling equipment. In the UK Briggs Equipment is Hyster’s exclusive distribution partner, meaning Hyster products and Briggs services are integrated and tailored here, to help businesses optimise their materials handling operations. The complete range of Hyster materials handling solutions, from high capacity 48 tonne container handlers, to one tonne pallet stacker trucks, is used at various stages of the supply chain to support the movement of goods from the portside, to the shelf in the warehouse, to the shop floor. Hyster believes the right truck choice can help reduce fuel usage, optimise fleet size or reduce maintenance and day to day operating costs.
The company’s trucks are powerful, its team is reliable, and you are global.

Meachers Global Logistics
Meachers Global Logistics provides a wide range of freight and logistics services including freight forwarding, supply chain management, UK warehousing, distribution, training, logistics and contract management requirements. The company operates from both Southampton and Derby. It is also the exclusive UK partners of the Global Freight Group network.

Lobster is expert in the fields of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Lobster’s DataWizard is the all-purpose tool for data conversion and communication. Users can exchange business data without the need for programming skills.
As the tool of choice for many international logistics firms, DataWizard supports OFTP, one of the primary protocols in use within the industry. Our 400+ customers consistently report extremely high levels of satisfaction using Lobster’s DataWizard.
A company spokesperson will take to the stage at the event to introduce the DataWizard and give attendees an insight into how it is used within the logistics industry. Walter Ebeling, vice president application development, IT service centre EMEA at Kühne + Nagel, will join the talk, to speak of the product from a client point of view, explaining why K+N chose DataWizard and what benefits it brings to the company.

Stena Line Freight
The Stena Line Freight route network is one of Europe’s largest, linking key ports, road and rail connections across Northern Europe, operating in three business areas: Scandinavia, the North Sea and the Irish Sea with a network of 22 strategically located ferry routes operating 38 vessels across Europe. Stena Line operates the biggest fleet and the widest choice of routes between Ireland and Britain with an extensive route network including Belfast to Cairnryan, Belfast to Liverpool, Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead, Dublin Port to Holyhead and Rosslare to Fishguard.


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