New distribution model could increase sales by 20 per cent, says eBay

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eBay Enterprise’s Ship-From-Store solution could increase the average retailer’s sales by 20 per cent, according to the company’s recent customer analysis.

The new distribution model aims to allow retailers and brands to turn their stores into virtual distribution centres, using local store inventory to fulfil online orders, and sourcing products from the most efficient locations.

eBay Enterprise’s research questioned 30 retailers already using the model, and suggested it could increase a £50 million retailer’s sales by some £27,000 a day.

The study also revealed that over the last year retailers using the Ship-From-Store solution have saved a combination of some £389 million in sales, that would have otherwise been lost due to inventory going out-of-stock.

“By turning their physical retail locations into virtual DCs, retailers can maximise inventory across their online and in-store channels to boost sales, eliminate in-store markdowns and reduce delivery costs and times,” said managing director, Europe & APAC, at eBay Enterprise, Michael Kliger.

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