Toyota invests £7 million in emergency fleet

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Toyota Material Handling UK has invested seven million pounds in its short-term hire fleet, meaning more than 3,500 trucks are now available for customers who need an emergency replacement, or are experiencing unexpected demand and seasonal peaks.

Toyota says the investment enables it to offer customers a greater choice and availability of the latest models.

The company plans to invest in a further 500 trucks throughout 2014.

The additional vehicles include 120 Toyota Tonero engine-powered counterbalance forklifts, and 180 Toyota Traigo electric-powered forklifts, more than 20 of which are Toyota Traigo 80-volt forklifts launched in the UK last May.

“We have increased our fleet in the areas where we have the most demand, and want to provide our customers with the highest quality trucks, which is why nearly 40 per cent of the whole fleet and 62 per cent of the counterbalance fleet is less than three years old,” said rental operations manager for Toyota Material Handling UK, Rachel Thomas.

“We are also looking at how we can support specialised industries by ordering industry tailored trucks.”

The short-term hire fleet will be managed by Toyota’s specialist short-term customer service hire team.

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