Logistical problem? Get your yellow card out

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We all know the purpose of yellow cards in football, but it seems they are the way forward for the logistics industry, according to DHL and Birds Eye.

In a joint presentation at this year’s Logistics Manager Summit, DHL’s vice president operations, Gavin Lucas, and Birds Eye’s group distribution manager, Peter Broome, took to the stage to present a case study on their partnership.

In their presentation, Not What You Do, But How You Do It, they said that when it comes to a successful partnership, honesty and openness are crucial.

“When something goes wrong, we don’t point the finger of blame,” said Broome.

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“We have a yellow card system, where we stop and analyse what has gone wrong.”

Lucas added: “When we have a problem, we fix it first then sit down and assess it between us.

“In a partnership no one gets the blame.”

The Logistics Manager Summit took place at Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher, on Wednesday 12th February.

Find out more about the partnership and yellow card system in the April issue of Logistics Manager.  Or follow @SCS_Events on Twitter

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