DHL offers real-time visibility for clinical trials

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DHL Supply Chain has started offering customers in clinical research real-time visibility of data via its global inventory management system.

The service offers customers a consistent and cost-effective means through which to manage inventory and activity data, while a centralised control system ensures medicines are stored, transported and received in the right condition at the right time.

Chris Tierney, director of the clinical trials logistics service at DHL Supply Chain said: “We’re seeing a growing need to be able to provide live data anywhere in the world, at the touch of a button.

“Rather than go down the expensive route of creating and managing a ‘spaghetti’ of hundreds of system links, by mapping data from our WMS into every other WMS in our network, we have extended the accessibility of our inventory tools to all our depots. This puts us in a much better position to be able to provide the live management information and data that our customers are demanding.”

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