Airbus picks DHL to move components to US plant

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Airbus has signed a contract with DHL Global Forwarding for transport of components and general cargo from its site in Hamburg to its assembly plan in Mobile, Alabama.

DHL will provide air, ocean and road freight services beginning in 2015. It will handle parts for the A319, A320 and A321 aircraft. In total it will handle about 80,000 tonnes of freight.

Aircraft components need special handling. The parts need to be fixed on specifically designed transport racks, and abrupt movements need to be avoided.

Major components, including rear fuselage, forward fuselage, wings, and the vertical as well as horizontal tail plane, will be shipped via coaster from the Airbus site in Hamburg to Bremerhaven, where they will be loaded onto a container liner shipping service.

After their arrival in Mobile, trucks will take care of delivery to the final assembly line at the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley.

General cargo, will be shipped via air and ocean. 


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