Yearsley hits phase two of £5m Heywood development

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The second phase of Yearsley’s three part, £5 million expansion adjacent to the group’s headquarters in Heywood is underway, and will provide an additional 50,000 sq ft of space which provides 12,000 extra pallet sites and takes the total to 60,000 pallets at Heywood.

Half of the new cold store will be fitted with the PAS automated racking system following its successful usage in the initial phase, the remainder will be conventional mobile racking. The PAS system helps to speed up the customer ordering process and improves productivity, as well as having environmental benefits in relation to less door openings and lighting.

The third and final phase at the Heywood Superhub will be fitted out as and when required, according to future customer demand.

Director Tim Moran said: “Our commitment to offering a Day 1 for Day 2 service is paying dividends with increased demand for our cutting edge services and hence increased demand for space in the cold stores.

“Retailers are re-organising their supply chains and we are successfully providing the responsiveness needed to service these requirements. Our continued expansion is the catalyst of this success.”

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