Sunday 24th Jun 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Argos orders 19 new 60 GKN pallet capacity trailers


Argos has ordered 19 lifting deck longer semi trailers from Don-Bur. These trailers will posses the largest internal cubic volume seen on British roads.
The new 60 GKN pallet capacity trailers will have an increased capacity of 20.4cum, the trailers also have the potential to reduce delivery frequency by one in every six trips. As a result the new trailers could generate a CO2 emission saving of 16.7 per cent compared to a standard lifting deck.

To increase space the step-frame double decks have been stretched to 15.65m long. Height has also been enhanced with 1.87m per deck behind the swan-neck.
The extra space allows an additional 8 pallets to be carried with two specified Don-Bur “Blade” panels also able to fit.

One prototype has been on trial with Argos since April.