Mobile changes the rhythm of retail supply chains

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More and more customers are ordering their goods from their mobile phones and that is changing the rhythm of retail supply chains.

Charlie Macdonald, general manager, manufacturing, transport and logistics at Telstra will examine the impact of these mobile-connected consumers when he speaks at the Omni-Channel Conference in September.

While many retailers have already embarked on a program to build mobility into the shopping experience, there is still a significant gap between the mobile services that consumers want and what retailers provide.

Macdonalds presentation will explore the growth, not only of mobile shopping, but also the impact of online product information when customers are in store. What impact will this have over the longer term on manufacturing and supply chain?

There will also be a particular insight into the Australian market, which is seen as a leader in this area.

The Omni-Channel Conference takes place at the NEC Hilton Birmingham Metropole on Wednesday 17th September and Thursday 18th September.
Tesco, John Lewis, Boots, Halfords, Shop Direct, and Maplin will all be contributing to the event.
The first day of the conference will have a focus on strategy, infrastructure, and forecasting issues, while the second day will look at returns and reverse logistics, as well as deliveries and the final mile.
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