Liverpool2 receives additional £5.5m from Peel Ports

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Peel Ports Group is investing £5.5m to speed up and streamline facilities and processes at Port of Liverpool Container Terminal, with part of the money going towards an automated gate system.

AutoGate will be used for all containerised cargo, and is intended to increase the security and efficiency of terminal transactions. Kalmer Global and APS Technology will provide the system.

As vehicles enter the facility they are scanned by the system, which uses optical character recognition to capture container number, size, type, hazard placards and bolt seals. In addition it also photographs the driver and takes note of the vehicle license plate. The system will allow hauliers to enter the port, and load and unload cargo without leaving their vehicle.

David Huck, port director for Peel Ports Liverpool, says: “Installing a fully integrated automatic gate at Liverpool, along with the latest operating systems, will significantly advance operational efficiency and productivity for the port and for hauliers, reducing costs and having a positive environmental impact by minimising waiting times.”

The investment comes alongside a £300m commitment from Peel Ports for the construction of Liverpool2, the company’s deep-water container terminal being built alongside the existing terminal and scheduled to open in 2015.

Scott Skillman, senior vice president, APS Technology, says that automating the gates and transfer zones will help Peel Ports enhance customer service, productivity and environmental sustainability.

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