Tenens claims first for dual fuel Euro 6 truck

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Howard Tenens and Prins Autogas  reckon they are the first to convert a Euro 6 Mercedes-Benz Actros to run on dual fuel – Compressed Natural Gas and diesel.

Tenens approached Prins to provide a solution to converting Euro 6 tractor units to dual fuel, after it was predicted that an OEM dual fuel option would take two years to develop.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros 2445 has a 12.8/450 bhp Euro 6 engine, GVW 44,000kg operation, predictive powertrain control and a 93KG CNG capacity.

The Mercedes-Benz will shortly be followed by a DAF CNG conversion. Tenens will be carrying out various fuel trials involving both CNG and Diesel Euro 6 vehicles over the coming months.

Jamie Hartles, commercial and marketing director said: “We are proud to be taking delivery of the first Euro 6 dual fuel conversion, not only in the UK but in Europe. The partnership between Howard Tenens and Prins supports our commitment to sustainable logistics, underpinned by an enthusiastic and forward thinking approach to engineering which surmounts challenges.”

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