DHL unveils quiet CNG urban delivery vehicle

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DHL has launched a compressed natural gas truck for use in towns and cities which uses a spark ignition Otto Cycle engine to reduce vehicle noise by up to 50 per cent.

The CNG engine, which is similar to a standard petrol engine, produces 68 per cent less particulate matter and 39 per cent less nitrogen oxide than a standard Euro 6 diesel.

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Pic:  Leon Daniels, managing director of surface transport at Transport for London (left) and Tim Slater managing director of transport UK & Ireland at DHL.

Tim Slater, DHL’s managing director of transport, said: “While I truly believe this vehicle will be transformational in driving industry towards a better future, DHL will continue to invest in innovative vehicle technology, alternative fuels, accident prevention systems and driver training to ensure we’re always delivering the best service for our customers and supporting the UK’s environmental health.”

DHL launched the truck at Quiet Cities, a conference focused on enabling quieter deliveries of freight in urban environments.

It has a low entry, high visibility cab, glass panels on the near side door to extend driver sight, and a 360 degree birds eye view camera with in-cab display and hard drive recording.

Transport minister Claire Perry said: “As cities and town centres become more populous, commercial transport companies face the difficult task of making journeys safer, cleaner and quieter. The new concept vehicle from DHL is a positive step in the right direction to addressing this issue and I encourage industry-wide adoption of the latest technology to ensure the highest standards of road safety.”


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