Komatsu forklift continues as chemicals manufacturer’s faithful “work horse”

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Brotherton Speciality Products, which manufactures ingredients for the chemical industry as well as items such as de-icers for aircraft and airport runways, has taken delivery of its third FD25 Komatsu forklift truck.

Malcolm Johnson, works engineer at Wakefield-based Brotherton, explains why the truck was selected: “Our trucks have to be real work horses, capable of adjusting to a variety of awkward lifting jobs. The prime function is for loading bulk chemicals onto container lorries for shipment overseas and throughout the UK. However, at the same time, the FD25s are required to manage general site-handling requirements as well.”

The FD25 can lift up to 2.5 tonnes and is powered by the Komatsu 4D94E diesel engine, which incorporates advanced technology for a more economic, effective performance that meets the latest regulations covering noise and emissions.

The company has been using Komatsu products for three years, saying they are “robust and reliable” machines.

Brotherton, which was founded in 1878, still operates from its original site in Wakefield.

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