Ideal for working in confined spaces

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An AC-powered pedestrian-controlled powered pallet truck has been produced by Jungheinrich which the manufacturer claims “is one of the most compact and manoeuvrable when compared with its competition”.

The ELE pallet truck has been designed for low-cost horizontal travel in confined spaces and for loading and unloading vehicles. Offering lifting capacities of 1,600kg, 1,800kg and 2,000kg, the ELE pallet truck is 70mm shorter than its predecessor and also features a creep speed function so that it can be operated effortlessly with the handle in the vertical position, making it suitable for operation in very tight spaces.

The latest control electronics are also featured along with an integrated Speed Control system that allows sensitive control of the truck’s speed through the butterfly control switch. The Speed Control, coupled with built-in rollback protection, gives the operator maximum safety on upward and downward gradients as well as allowing the truck to reach its permissible top speed of 6km/h whether laden or unladen.

Jungheinrich has also used Pro-Trac-Link suspension on the truck to guarantee high lateral stability. The system connects the side support wheels with a rocker beam, and automatically compensates for poor ground surfaces or operator driving errors.

For further information, tel: 0161 946 6600.

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