Cost efficiencies cheer brewer

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Scottish Courage has extended its primary distribution contract with ACR Logistics to include its Hereford-based Bulmers Primary distribution operation, which comprises 50 employees, 20 units and 40 trailers. The operation will be integrated into the National Primary distribution fleet, comprising 125 tractor units, 421 trailers and 127 bulk tankers, already managed by ACR.

This move will reduce costs, add value and provide operational synergies for Scottish Courage. The transfer widens ACR’s current remit, which includes handling the On and Off Trade primary transport, Regional Distribution Centre warehousing, tanking, and reverse logistics management for the brewer.

The development will result in a greater purchasing power for Scottish Courage while expanding ACR’s backhaul operations.

Rob Richardson, head of distribution at Scottish Courage, comments: “As part of our ongoing drive to improve efficiency, we have asked ACR Logistics to manage our distribution operations in Hereford with the aim of further improving cost efficiency.”

ACR has worked with Scottish Courage since 1991. It operates its five RDCs in Livingston, Wakefield, Trafford Park, Thatcham and Dagenham. It handles all primary distribution from the Scottish Courage breweries to its RDCs and its 25 secondary sites nationwide. For the Off Trade, ACR is responsible for the logistics between the RDCs and the final customer.

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