Reverse logistics – ‘Check it Now’

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Unipart Solutions Practice (USP), the consultancy division of Unipart Logistics, has put together a Reverse Logistics ‘Check it Now’ package to address issues such as how efficient companies are in managing customer returns, and what the implications of the new EU Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE – are.

‘Check it Now’ is a speedy approach to transforming the way that supply chains work, and is ideal for both medium and larger size operations.

Through the ‘Check it now’ process, USP experts can quickly pinpoint any problems, identify areas that require change and provide the client with detailed, accurate information on the returns process and associated costs.

USP’s Carl Powell believes: “Most companies have opportunities to improve the end-to-end returns process and, handled correctly, can improve an increasingly important but overlooked area of their business.”

He suggests that one of the things that make USP’s advanced systems and modelling tools effective is their focus on demand chain management, understanding that products and services are pulled through a series of interlinked processes – a demand chain – rather than pushed through a supply chain.

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