Pack height variations catered for

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A new label print and apply system has been produced by Weyfringe to cater for high volume labelling requirements. Designed to hold the largest practical label and ribbon supplies, the Real Time Labeller (RTL) can print and apply more than 11,000 labels before requiring a consumable change.

Available for top, side, bottom and corner labelling, the RTL can operate without a computer attached or alternatively be controlled from labelling software or the customer’s production control system.

A pressure sensitive apply module automatically compensates for variations in pack height and when delicate items such as fruit need to be labelled a tamp blow non-contact version can be specified. Labels can contain barcodes (including EAN 128), multiple font styles and logos as well as serialised numbering and information from databases.

Tested at speeds of 55-plus label applications per minute, the RTL can also include product specific information such as date or serial number and, as the last label printed is the label applied, specific labels can be accurately allocated to individual products.

Most production lines run unattended and the RTL is designed to complement the lean manufacturing principle.

For further information, tel: 01642 490121.

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