Reefers preventing temperature fluctuation

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Pulleyn, the temperature-controlled logistics specialist, has taken delivery of four 7.5 tonne rigid Mercedes-Benz Atego 818 sleeper cabs fitted with high specification refrigerated bodies designed and built by REEP, a leading manufacturer of refrigerated and insulated bodies.

The four refrigerated bodies feature several firsts for the haulage industry such as two refrigeration plants; one bulkhead and the other roof-mounted, an on-board generator, specialist locking and satellite tracking devices to feed back geographical location and real-time temperature data. Using ultra light materials combined with a special body design – without a rear door frame – REEP achieved a payload 200kg more than Pulleyn specified.

The bulkhead Carrier Supra 550 refrigeration unit runs independently with an auxiliary three phase electric plug in whilst the roof-mounted Xarios 350 unit operates from the vehicle’s engine or via a single phase electric auxiliary plug in, providing four forms of refrigeration. A fifth alternative is provided by a single phase generator back up providing a completely fail safe temperature controlled vehicle.

Pulleyn is using the vehicles to support major blue chip pharmaceutical companies in transporting vaccines and other vital medical supplies throughout Europe.

Adrian Pulleyn, managing director of Pulleyn, says: “The goods we carry are often extremely vulnerable to fluctuations in temperature and therefore the vehicles in which we transport them need to be very reliable and of a high quality.”

lPulleyn has ordered ten more trailers from Chereau. Mike Pratt, managing director of Chereau UK, says that since the company bought the Chereau product back to the UK early last year, demand has been as strong as ever. “It was important for us to retain the brand loyalty of customers such as Pulleyn Transport, who represent cutting edge transport technology, which in turn reflects on the complex nature of the product that we manufacture for them.”

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