Latest three-wheelers offer productivity benefits

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Still Materials Handling has developed a new hand-guided high lift pallet truck which is much easier to operate and more manoeuvrable than its predecessor, even in the tightest of spaces.

The new EGV is available with capacities from 1.0 tonne to 1.6 tonne. The lighter versions, EGV 10 and EGV 12 (with 1.0 tonne and 1.2 tonne capacities respectively) are designed for areas with a low to medium turn-round of pallets, and the heavier versions, EGV 14 and EGV 16 (1.4 tonne and 1.6 tonne capacities respectively) for industrial applications with higher volumes.

Featuring a higher residual capacity, the EGV also has an improved pallet turn-round per battery charge to ensure maximum productivity for eight-hour, back-to-back shift patterns. Great stress has been placed on designing a particularly sturdy structure – 8mm to 10mm thick steel plates have been used in the shock-sensitive areas – while the battery cover is made of high-strength bumper material.

The precise driving response means the controller can operate from very fast, to inch-by-inch driving speeds as desired. Hoist and lowering speeds can be precisely regulated by varying the pressure on the button.

Capacity and stability are increased by the wider track width yet, because of its compact build, the new EGV still enjoys the smallest working aisle widths on the market. The EGV is also designed for extreme working conditions – it can cope with applications in cold stores at -30°C.

The EGV features a shaped impact plate built into the tiller head which, when it touches the operator, immediately sets the truck moving in the opposite direction and then automatically brings it to a stop, preventing the operator from being trapped between the truck and an obstacle. All EGV mast types have a lowering damper to safeguard the load. For added safety, if the drive switch is released for any reason, the brakes are automatically applied to bring the EGV to a controlled stop.

For further information, tel: 01902 646000.

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