Increasing efficiency with fleet and asset management

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Sainsbury’s is equipping its ‘Sainsbury’s to You’ home delivery fleet of 400-plus vehicles with an advanced fleet and asset management solution, incorporating satellite navigation technology, from online telematics service provider Cybit, the UK’s leading online telematics service provider.

The three-year agreement follows an extensive three-month evaluation, during which Cybit demonstrated the ability to deliver substantial business benefit for the ‘Sainsbury’s to You’ service, highlighting opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs and aid drivers, in delivering goods on time to customers.

Sainsbury’s is installing Cybit’s Fleetstar-Online telematics and Smartnav satellite navigation technology across the entire ‘Sainsbury’s to You’ fleet. Sainsbury’s key focus is to exceed its customers’ expectations and the Cybit telematics solution will help offer a consistently high service level, with the ability to navigate a driver successfully to his destination and track the vehicles progress from when a driver leaves the store, right through to customer delivery. Improving delivery efficiency through Cybit telematics will also enable Sainsbury’s to have competitive advantage from other home delivery services.

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