RFID European-wide standards welcomed

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The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has approved European-wide standards for using radio frequency identification (RFID) in Ultra High Frequency (UHF).

EPCglobal, the global organisation leading the drive to standardise and promote the Electronic Product Code (EPC) combining RFID with a network system to capture information and enable real-time identification and sharing of information throughout the global supply chain, welcomes the new standard as an important contribution to enabling interoperability and increased opportunities for manufacturers and retailers. It is delighted that similar functionalities to those in the US will be available in Europe, enabling global use of the UHF technology for RFID.whilst technology is helping businesses to maintain general inventories and track key processes, there remain critical gaps in the precise knowledge about core operations. Businesses need to think seriously about how they can reduce this exposure.

“To date some of the main benefits have been seen in retail. But moving forward RFID has the potential to provide track and trace visibility across a number of sectors, from maintaining constant visibility around high value assets such as oil, gas or construction materials, right down to keeping track of mortgage deeds in financial services or hospital beds and wheelchairs within the NHS.”

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