Extended conveyor helps tighten security

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The Isle of Man Airport has been supplied with an extension to its existing conveyor system by Caljan Rite-Hite, a leading manufacturer of advanced material handling systems for loading and unloading cargo, for checking luggage. It is now a 100% Hold Baggage Screening and Search Facility.

With security measures across all UK airports tighter than ever before, the update of the baggage handling system, which enables 100% of luggage to be checked and X-rayed, has proved invaluable.

The original baggage handling system had been installed by Caljan, so it was natural for the Isle of Man Airport to turn to the company again for this latest installation. The extension involved moving the existing take-away conveyor from behind the 12 check-in desks and running it across the back of the departures hall.

To make the most of the available space some of the conveyor extension, which is almost 70m long, was located outside under a canopy. Now passengers’ baggage is inspected from the check-in desk via the conveyor through an explosives detection X-ray machine, which means every bag is checked before it reaches the carousel that sorts the bags for the different flights.

Any bag deemed suspicious is sent down a separate reject line for further examination.

The process is automatic – an operator’s intervention is only required when a bag is rejected by the system, a decision is then made to accept or reject the baggage.

Tony Woods, technical services manager at the Isle of Man Airport comments: “With security a major issue in airports today, we decided to turn to Caljan Rite-Hite to supply the airport with an extension to the conveyor system, originally installed by the company six years ago. The service Caljan Rite-Hite offered us was excellent, and by enabling every piece of baggage to be checked, this extension has raised our security from the Domestic to the International standard.”n Transporting perishable goods can be a tricky business and recent problems faced by Nene Valley Foods have resulted in lost profits. But thanks to Arca’s Combo plastic reusable IBC, not any more.

Nene Valley Foods is one of the largest producers of dairy products such as milk, cream, yoghurt and fromage frais for supplying in bulk to major branded and own-label food manufacturers, and transport their products throughout the country. Traditionally, metal “bag in box” containers with water-tight lining were rented for this purpose.

However, the ridged nature of the structure meant that they were prone to sharp edges forming if accidentally knocked, often resulting in the puncturing of the plastic liner and leakage of the contents. The structure also created a potential health and safety concern. With each container holding one tonne, that is a lot of money to literally be pouring down the drain – a problem that was costing Nene Valley Foods significant sums of money each week.

But the plastic construction of Arca’s Combo plastic reusable IBC means that any impact experienced is absorbed and the contents protected. Since Nene Valley Foods purchased its first Combos, the incidents of leakage have been reduced by 50%.

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