Pallet strapping made easier

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Cyklop UK has a new plastic strap dispenser capable of automatically applying polypropylene or polyester strap around palletised goods using a strap guide system. The ES600 needs only one operator and eliminates the need to bend down when trying to thread a strap through the pallet void.

Once through the void, the ES600 directs the strap up the far side of the load and into the operator’s hand. The strap can then be tensioned, sealed and cut in one operation.

The ES600 will work with most European pallets and can be supplied with an integral cutting tool enabling the operator to cut the strap at the required point.

The unit is wheel-mounted for fast and safe movement for easy positioning at each load to be strapped. It also does not require external power supply.

For further information,

tel: 01480 216777.

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