Superior braking from latest forklift offering

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Daewoo has introduced a new 3.2 tonne, four-wheeled electric forklift, the B32X, which offers an array of features, mast options and oil-cooled disc brakes. The completely sealed system ensures full protection against contamination. As a result, the B32X copes with the toughest industrial applications, including heat, humidity, abrasive and corrosive environments, with braking capability around five times superior than conventional shoe brakes.

The new B32X includes power-assisted, regenerative braking, anti-roll back and on-board diagnostics.

Despite the extensive capacity at 500mm load centres, the new 80V machine is a relatively compact truck, and Daewoo hopes it will appeal to a wide range of industries, including the food and drinks, warehousing and retail sectors.

Daewoo business development manager Darren White believes the latest electric models can do well in the UK: “We’ve received a lot of feedback about the B32X, and we know it will be a big success. It holds true to our aim of offering high quality, no nonsense trucks, at competitive prices. Features such as anti-roll back and oil-cooled disk brakes add real benefit, increasing performance and reducing costs.”

For further information, tel: 01604 825600.

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