Fuel Saver helps with cost savings

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Telemetry provider RTL has developed a dedicated, low cost system of cutting fuel bills and improving drivers’ skills. The Fuel Saver system can save up to 11% of fuel costs – about £200 per vehicle per month for a truck that travels 5,000 miles during the month.

RTL says that the system works in two ways: experience shows that as soon as telemetry is introduced there is at least a 3% fall in vehicle fuel costs because of improved driving; and even more savings can be realised from the use of detailed reports on how the vehicle and driver has been performing, including efficiency and safety. “This has been designed as a fuel saving system. That is its dedicated purpose,” says RTL’s Harry Thompson. “We have trimmed the cost to the minimum so that fleet operators of all sizes can make fuel savings immediately. We know that the cost of a full vehicle telemetry system, including GPS tracking and data communications, can put smaller operators off: that is why we have developed a system that cuts out many of the high technology features – it just saves cash.”

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