FLT prices under pressure

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Rising costs for raw materials is putting pressure on forklift truck manufacturers to pass on the increase to customers. According to Jungheinrich’s sales director, Matthias Fischer, steel prices “have exploded this year” while those for copper have also risen.

Speaking at the recent launch of Jungheinrich’s new Series 4 diesel and LPG-powered trucks, the DFG/TFG 425 – 435, Fischer said that the increases from suppliers could not be ignored and had to be accepted. He blamed steel imports to China for the growing prices as steel producers cannot keep up with production and said there “is no stop in sight”.

The new Series 4 truck offers inherent safety, “exceptional” stability, a fresh approach to operator ergonomics, extremely clean exhaust gases, greater reliability and lower operating costs.

The new DFG 425-435 diesel-powered trucks have a lifting capacity of up to 3,500kg and are powered by 3.3-litre engine especially developed for use in forklift trucks. It develops the ideal “forklift” torque curve – extremely high torque is developed at low engine rpm. From a standstill it has quick acceleration, with more power reserves to tackle uneven terrain, gradients and loading ramps with ease.

The 2.5 litre LPG engine, which is used to power the TFG 423 – 435 models, is environmentally-friendly in terms of both exhaust emissions and low noise output levels and develops very high torque at low rpm speeds. The fuel is supplied by the gas bottle mounted on the counterweight. Special consideration was given to the change over operation, resulting in a new pivoting cradle which makes bottle changing effortless.

Truck stability lifting as well as the dynamic stability travelling exceeds the minimum legal requirements for forklift safety. The new Jungheinrich DFG/TFG 425 – 435 trucks exhibit a “stability programme” of their own that dispenses entirely with electronics. These features include a longer wheelbase, a larger track width, a high pivot point steer axle, plus the truck has an extremely low slung centre of gravity, mid wheel base.

The result of all these, stresses Jungheinrich, are very stable trucks, at all travel speeds, all lift heights, loaded or unloaded and in all handling applications.

The DFG/TFG 425 – 435 can lift the trucks’ rated capacity to a height of 5m in complete safety. The mast is designed to withstand the toughest applications, including single side trailer loading at extended load centres, rotating clamps or double pallet clamps, plus high lift heights.

Forward, rearward and all round visibility from the DFG/TFG 425 – 435 operator’s cabin is “superb”, and the design of the mast and carriage plus the large cabin mean that the operator gets an unobstructed view of the load and way ahead.

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